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Ambrose & Sasha's Wedding


Ambrose & Sasha's Wedding


Please join us for the celebration of
Ambrose and Sasha’s

 November 24-26, 2017

Please join us for a fun weekend full of party, music, and nature. We reserved the 200 acre venue all for ourselves!

We encourage everyone to stay onsite with us. However, we would like to emphasize that this is not a resort, and more like glamping, such as at Yosemite Campsites.

Since daylight hours are limited; we prefer everyone to check in on time so that they can enjoy what Camp Navarro has to offer and so that we can spend the most time with you when we are not busy getting married.

We will have activities such as hiking, archery, etc, scheduled Friday and Saturday (Details and final schedule TBD)

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Dust off your fur Coats and Sequins:


Dust off your fur Coats and Sequins:


Camp Y Combinator 2015 - Camp-33.jpg







Tentative Schedule (Final Schedules will be updated by October 2017)

Friday November 24th

  • 12 PM: Guests check in. The weekend begins!
  • 12-4:30 PM: Camp Activities
  • 5:30 PM: Welcome BBQ (Dress code: Casual Burning Man)
  • 9 PM: Bonfire and S’mores
  • 10:30 PM: Onesie Star Gazing Night Hike (Dress code: Onesies, warm clothing)

Saturday November 25th

  • Cafe opens at 6 AM for coffee and pastries
  • 10 AM-1 PM: Camp Activities.

***Dress Code for formal events the rest of the day: Fancy Burning Man/Steampunk/Victorian (Please see notes on Ceremony/Reception Dress code)

  • 3 PM: Ceremony
  • 3:30-5 PM: Cocktail Hour
  • 5:30 PM: Dinner and Reception

*Please bring cash for the money dance

  • 9-11 PM: DJ Set
  • 11PM-2AM: Music in the lodge

Sunday November 26th

  • 5-8AM:Sunrise Silent Disco Set(7:09AM)
  • 10 AM: Farewell Brunch
  • 1 PM: Guests Check Out
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Dress Code

We would like to have a fun and colorful weekend. Think fall weather Music Festival/Burning Man attire.

As noted above about the temperature, it will range from as high as 70F during the day and as low as 40F, so costume appropriately for the weather.

Here are some general guidelines for dress code during the actual Wedding Ceremony and Reception. We would still like everyone to add a little formality to that festival vibe: Other words that could be used to describe this is Dapper/Steampunk. You can have a suit, but switch out your boring blazer for a fur coat, disco jacket, or patterned jacket, etc. Add a snazzy vest. Wear a fun hat or fascinator. Wear awesome leggings under your cocktail dress. Sequin Gloves! A wig!

For some inspiration - Click Here

      The YAS List:

  • Suits
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • Top Hats
  • Fur
  • Fancy Pants
  • Sequins
  • Cloaks
  • Capes
  • Bustle Skirts
  • Corsets
  • Onesies (no onesies for the formal event please)
  • Hoods
  • Shawls
  • Hats
  • Leggings
  • Disco Jacket
  • Patterns (Aztec, Paisley, Modern Psychedelic, Geometric, Cats, etc)
  • Wigs
  • Gloves
  • Fascinators
  • Ears
  • Spirit Hoods
  • Vests (Must wear a shirt underneath)
  • LEDs
  • Lace Umbrellas
  • Feathers
  • organza skirts
  • Goggles

*your whole outfit is not required to be on the YAS list.

      THE NO LIST:

  • No pasties
  • No tutus
  • No midriff
  • No tie dye
  • No white/cream/beige/off white dresses or skirts
  • No Heels
  • No Harem Pants
  • No rubber animal masks

Still confused about what to wear? Don’t worry! Here is a lookbook for inspiration and ideas.


Onsite Accommodations

Offsite Accommodation


3 meals are provided for everyone no matter their accommodation, except for Saturday Brunch. The Wedding Party will be busy getting ready, so we thought it would be best for this Brunch to be casual. Breakfast Burritos (TBD) will be served out of the cafe on Saturday morning. A Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar will be provided for self serve.

There will be no access to the kitchen when meals are not being prepped, so feel free to bring your own snacks. The cafe will also be open during the day to purchase coffee/tea/snacks.

We will providing alcohol for the weekend, but if there something special you would like, feel free to keep extra booze and water in your camp.


Camp Navarro is located 2-3 hours from all major international airports. People flying into the Bay Area will need to coordinate carpools or rent a car. We will be starting a facebook group for the event so that people can communicate with all attending. Please contact us if you have not been added to the group.

      Major airports

  • SAC Sacramento Airport | 3:30 hrs to Camp Navarro | 179 mi
  • SFO San Francisco Airport | 3:00 hrs to Camp Navarro | 145 mi
  • OAK Oakland Airport | 2:50 hrs to Camp Navarro | 146 mi

      Local Airports

  • Little River Airport | 0:41 min to Camp Navarro | 22 mi
  • Charles M Schulz-Sonoma County Airport | 1:40 hrs Driving to Camp Navarro | 73 mi


901 Masonite Industrial Rd, Navarro, CA

Camp Navarro Office Number: (707) 895-3066


Cell reception is not available near camp. Please print directions in advance! DO NOT use Google Maps, download and print directions.

      Driving Directions - DOWNLOAD

Camp Navarro is approximately 2 1/2 hours from San Francisco, half a mile off Hwy. 128, and eight miles from the Mendocino Coast.

      From North or South Hwy. 101:

U.S. 101 leads to the junction with Highway 128 west, near Cloverdale

  1. Take the CA-128 W exit towards Ft. Bragg/ Mendocino - 0.2 mi.
  2. Turn left onto CA 128 W / N. Cloverdale Blvd. - 0.8 mi.
  3. Turn right onto CA-128 to Navarro, CA - 41.3 mi.
  4. Continue on CA 128 into the Redwoods, past the Navarro General Store and Gas Station to the first bridge over the Navarro River - 1.6 mi.
  5. Turn right on Masonite Rd. immediately after the bridge crossing
  6. Take Masonite Rd. to the entrance to Camp Navarro - 0.7 mi.
  7. Turn right into the main parking area of Camp Navarro.

Boonville, the only town you'll pass through on the drive on CA-128, has a couple places to grab lunch.

Packing List

If you need anything, the general store (2 miles away) has most essential items in stock, including a deli, beer, and wine!!

  • Headlamp and/or Flashlight (1 per person)
  • Towel (for shower)
  • Toiletries
  • Blow dryer/Curling Iron (There are adequate outlets in cabins)
  • Bedding (let us know if this is not possible for you)
  • Warm Clothing (under layers sleep and for festival outfits)
  • Wedding Outfit
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Flip Flops/Sandals (for bathrooms)
  • BYOB (booze, water, etc that you would like to keep in your camp)
  • Snacks (for when there is no access to the kitchen or cafe)


  • Flow Toys
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • Portable Speaker
  • Extra Batteries
  • Bug Spray
  • Portable Phone Charger (if you are in a teepee)
  • Camp/Folding Chairs
  • Games/Sports equipment


Music will be provided throughout the weekend. If you bring speakers, please take note that amplified music is not allowed outdoors past 11 pm. After which, we will party in the lodge and have reserved silent disco headphones.

Please bring your LED flow toys! Unfortunately, we cannot allow flame based flow instruments. There is also no flame cooking allowed onsite, and designated smoking areas.


There is minimal cell phone reception at Camp Navarro. There is wifi available at the lodge/cafe, with pretty strong signal extending to some of the lodging areas.


We kindly ask that you leave your human and furry children at home. There is a strict no pets policy at Camp Navarro. Please speak to us directly if there are any issues with finding alternative arrangements for your children.


If you have any questions about Camp, dress code, or anything please email us:

Want to know what happens if you don’t adhere to the dress code?





Onsite Accommodations

We encourage everyone to stay onsite with us to maximize our time with you. But if you have concerns about cold or noise, staying off site may be best for you. We will do our best to separate the night owls from the early risers.

CA-128 can be poorly lit at night, so we strongly encourage you to stay as close to the venue as possible! Plus, we have activities planned for our guests from Friday evening through Sunday breakfast, and we hope you'll choose to stay and celebrate with us for the entire weekend.

There are cabins, teepees, RV spaces, and tent camping available. Cabins will be shared between 4-6 people, so if you would like a private accommodation, please choose a teepee, or stay offsite.

There are several bathroom huts located throughout the property, close to accommodations: showers and toilets are private stalls with running hot water and plumbing.

The weather in November ranges from up to 70 during the day to 40 at night. The Cabins and a few Teepees will be heated, but please make sure to bring adequate coats (fur is encouraged). All options are BYO bedding, so make sure to bring adequately warm blankets and sleeping bags as is appropriate for November camping outdoors. Bedding can be provided upon request for those guests that are arriving from out of town and unable to bring their own.

**We apologize, that while we are able to pay for the venue and 3 meals, we will not be able to cover accommodations.

Camp Navarro Cabin


Cabins will sleep 4-6 people comfortably. There is no bedding included, but all beds have foam mattresses. We recommend packing extra mattress pads for comfort.

$80 per person, 4-6 people per cabin.

Camp Navarro Teepee

Teepee Tent

Camp Navarro provides 42 large teepees. 16 teepees are furnished with 1 queen bed with bedding. We can add up to 2 additional twin beds if needed (bedding not included). 26 teepees that can sleep 2 to 4 people each. We add twin mattresses (bedding not included) as needed depending on your needs.

$80-130 per person, 2-4 guests per teepee

Camp Navarro RV


Navarro has an RV zone with 16 sites. 8 include electricity hookups.

$105.00 per RV

Camp Navarro Tent Camping

Tent Camping

Bring your own tent! Tents are permitted in designated camping grounds and in the Nature Nest area.  The Redwood Cathedrals are off limits to tent camping.

$105.00 per tent



Offsite Accommodations

As stated above, we encourage everyone to stay onsite so that we can maximize our time spent with you. But we know these accommodations won’t work for everyone. There are some alternative lodgings available nearby. Please note that we are not planning to set up room blocks or a shuttle service, so book your offsite accommodations ASAP.