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Elina & Ayal



Elina & Ayal



Welcome to Elina & Ayal's
Weekend Wedding Extravaganza!

APRIL 21st to 23rd, 2017

Why limit a wedding to a single day?  We have chosen one of the most beautiful spots in Northern California to have an awesome party that we think you will like too!  We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


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The closest airport to Camp Navarro is Sonoma County Airport (STS), 1.5 hour drive from the site. This airport has regular service to most major west coast cities (Seattle, Portland, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix). Oakland and San Francisco International Airports are 2.5 – 3.5 hours and San Jose and Sacramento International Airport are 3-4 hours depending on traffic.

Here are the direction to Camp Navarro.

There’s plenty of parking on site if you are driving. Need a ride? Have extra room in your car? Head over to our carpool forum to provide or seek a ride.




Camp Navarro is amazing and has plenty of space to sleep all of our guests!  We strongly encourage you to get the full experience and stay on-site with us! Accommodations have recently been renovated and shared bathrooms and showers are nearby.  On site accommodations include:


13 cabins

  • All contain bunk beds and one double bed with comfortable memory foam mattresses.  Each cabin sleeps 2-9 people.


29 Adirondack cabins

  • These rustic cabins are equipped with four bunk beds with memory foam mattresses.  They have large canvas curtains that act as a door and fourth wall.  There are groupings of 2-5 Adirondack cabins around the site (check out the map!).  Each group of Adirondacks is like a mini-village!

Unlimited tent camping (2 options)

  • Camp Navarro provides large, conical tents with memory foam mattresses inside for a fee of $75 for the weekend

  • You are welcome to bring your own glamping setup but as noted earlier, this is not necessary as we can accommodate your need for both shelter and privacy on-site.

If you are able, please bring your own linens, blankets, and pillows. If you are not able to, please indicate this in the RSVP questionnaire and we will try to secure enough extras for everyone. It is also possible to rent a sleeping bag and pillow from the venue for $25. 



Fine, don’t stay with us then. Here are some local options:


Anderson Valley Inn (
The Madrones Guest House (
Indian Creek Inn (
The Boonville Hotel (


In addition, some of the local wineries offer accommodations and there maybe nearby rentals on Airbnb.



We’re having a dry, vegetarian wedding.  Just kidding.  

We'll be having a potluck Friday night. Brunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday will be provided. If you will be arriving early on Friday, please bring food for lunch. The Cafe will also be open Saturday morning for early risers.

There will be a volunteer staffed bar on Saturday with beer and wine provided. If you would like hard alcohol for yourself or to share, please feel free to bring it to the bar!  



We have a diverse group of both talented and untalented attending our wedding!  We want to see your best (or worst) performance!  If you’re interested in contributing, please let us know on the RSVP questionnaire.  We’ll do our best to accommodate all the submissions but time is limited and fret not, there’s always more time around the campfire!



Please do not wear heels.  Adriaan, I’m looking at you.  No, really though, we don’t want any non-dance related sprained ankles at the wedding.  Wear comfortable shoes with decent tread.  Also, this event is in the redwoods of Northern California in late spring.  The weather is variable and can shift quickly.  Please bring layers and be prepared for cool evenings and possibly rain.  We will send out a weather update during the weeks leading up to the event.

What to wear?  Whatever makes you feel fabulous, festive, comfortable or all of the above!  Costumes are highly encouraged for Saturday evening after dinner and can be anything your imagination conjures up!



The previous proprietors of Camp Navarro were the Boy Scouts of America.  As you will see on the map, the venue has retained the names of the camp areas designated by the Boy Scouts, those of various Native American groups from around the country.  The careless appropriation and misrepresentation of Native American cultures is not uncommon for the Boy Scouts.  Please excuse this aspect of the venue experience.

Pomo was the name given by white ethnographers to the native peoples of northern Sonoma county, much of Mendocino county and much of Lake County.  The Native American inhabitants of the area from Boonville west to Navarro are called Tabahtea Pomo.  At least two of the large village sites are near or part of Camp Navarro.  To learn more, please visit the Anderson Valley Historical Society's website.


Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events



  • 9am - 5pm Arrival, setup & enjoy Camp Navarro!

  • 6pm Potluck dinner

  • Dark:30pm  Campfire, relax and make new friends!


  • 7-10am Café open for caffeinated beverages & light fare

  • 10-12pm Buffet Brunch

  • 12-3pm  Have fun!  Play some games.  Eat some snacks.

  • 3pm Ceremony at the Redwood Cathedral

  • 3:30pm Cocktail reception & hors d'oeuvres

  • 5pm Photos!

  • 6pm Buffet Dinner in the Lodge

  • 7:30 Break to prepare for The Variety Show

  • 8pm The Variety Show!

  • 9-11pm Dance yer butts off with us!

  • 11pm Almost midnight snack & campfire


  • 8:30-10:30am Breakfast
  • 12pm Check out

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RSVP Questionnaire

RSVP Questionnaire


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