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Hamlin School

 May 4-6, 2018

Hamlin School

 May 4-6, 2018


Hamlin School Family Camp Event

May 4-6, 2018


Camp Navarro is excited to welcome back the Hamlin 4th Grade for a fabulous weekend in the redwoods! Like last year, this will be a casual and fun gathering with meals provided, light activities, and plenty of time to relax and just unwind.

Your ticket includes 5 meals, BYO tent camping, wine and beer for the adults, and staffed activities on Saturday including archery, rock climbing wall, and hikes. We will also have some arts and crafts supplies available. Feel free to BYO alcohol as well.

As an upgrade, you can rent a cabin, teepee or adirondack from Camp Navarro but all units are BYO bedding. Cabins have heaters, other units do not.

Cabins sleep 2-8 people while Deluxe teepees sleep 3-4 and Adirondacks sleep 4-5.

Deluxe Teepees have one queen bed and two wins on teepee floor.

Adirondacks have one queen and three twin beds. They have a canvas cover on the front.

BYO Alcohol as Camp Navarro is in the process of getting a wine and beer license that is not in effect (yet). If anything changes, you will be notified.

There are no refunds on reservations. 

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All lodging includes comfortable Tempurpedic Mattresses. Bring your own warm bedding/sleeping bags and sheets for all accommodations.

  • Cabins: We have 30 cabins. Most have 4-5 beds and a few have 2 or 8 beds. Cabins have heaters.
  • Teepees: 40 Teepees sleeping 4-5 people. Deluxe Teepees include a queen bed and two singles, all others have 4 twin mattresses on the teepee floor. No heaters. BYO Bedding.
  • Glamping Tents: 30 Tents. Each has two bunk beds. No Heaters. BYO Bedding.
  • Adirondacks: 12 Adirondacks each have 1 Queen bed and three twins. These are the ultimate cool 3 sided structures perfect for a memorable, fun camp experience. No Heaters. BYO Bedding.
  • RV: 8 spots available with Electricity, 8 without electricity. Main Bathroom/shower house closeby.
  • Tent: Bring your own tent and pitch it wherever you like including in the Redwood Cathedral Grove and or in the River Grove amongst beautiful Redwoods.

We have two main newly renovated bathrooms and shower houses in the main cabin areas. We also have nine outdoor showers located throughout the property. Please bring your own towels and shower supplies. All natural products are encouraged.


All meals will be served buffet style either in the main dining hall or near the main lodge on the grass. Camp Navarro takes pride in having two amazing chefs and cooking tasty healthy food that young and old will enjoy. We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions but for those with very unique restrictions, please come prepared with your own food.

Coffee service will be available throughout the day and a basic lunch offering will be available as well on Saturday (tacos or bbq).


After breakfast and lunch on saturday, we will have activity blocks where you can drop in for Archery, rock climbing, hikes, arts and crafts and other activities. We will also have volunteers offering help and other various activities to add to the fun.

After dinner, we will have a nightly campfire and S’mores plus camp fun that may include a dance, talent show and stargazing (TBD schedule).

What To Bring/Packing List

  • Clothes for daytime and cold nights (warm hat, layers, rain jacket if needed, etc)
  • Swimsuit
  • Camp Chair
  • Flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping Items (sheets, comforter/sleeping bag, pillow)
  • Shoes (tennis, sandals, etc..)
  • Snacks/Alcohol
  • Cooler
  • Camera
  • Book/Journal
  • Games


Do you have cell service on site?

There is no cell phone reception on the property. iMessaging works for texting over wifi. We have a landline on the property that can be used in case of emergency only. Please enjoy the opportunity to unplug!

Do you have WiFi?

We have a robust wifi system that works throughout the main lodge/meadow area and the cabins. We can set up your own personalized group network that can be open or password protected.

Do you provide bedding?

Our accommodations come with comfortable camp mattresses. Guests should bring their own bedding – sleeping bags, pillows, sheets, etc. If needed, we rent sleeping bags and pillows out of the café for $30. Guests should also bring their own towels.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Cabins 2, 11, and 12 in the main cabin area have wheelchair ramps, as does one adirondack in Crow Village. We have a wheelchair ramp behind the Lodge with access to the main hall. There is an ADA bathroom in the main hall as well. The main shower house has an ADA toilet stall in both the men’s and women’s room and an ADA shower in the women’s room. We can arrange for designated times for men to use the shower if needed.

Is there swimming?

The north fork of the Navarro River runs through the property. There are several “swimming” holes on site that vary in depth depending on the rainfall and time of year.

What is the lighting situation?

The main areas of camp and paths leading towards the cabins and Adirondacks are illuminated with bistro lighting. There are many unlit areas so please bring flashlights or headlamps.

Will we have fridge/freezer access?

We cannot store individual guests’ personal items in the fridge or kitchen with the exceptions of necessary items (medications, breast milk, etc).

Can we have fires?

We have a large community fire pit outside of the lodge in Bosch Meadow that we will light each night of your event. We are in a high wildfire danger zone, so the fire must be kept to a reasonable size. There are NO personal fires in the campground.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is allowed in designated areas only in the back of the lawn area and near the BBQ grill behind the kitchen.

Can I bring my dog?

There are no pets allowed on the property.

Do you have wildlife?

We do have a variety of wildlife (deer, wild turkey, owls, etc.) that we share the land with – Please do not leave food out overnight or keep open food in the tents and Adirondacks. We are also in an area with seasonal ticks and poison oak. Please take appropriate precautions.

Do you provide or allow alcohol?

We are currently not legally able to provide or serve alcohol. We do allow it on the premises and you are welcome to bring your own as long as you drink responsibly.

What time are Quiet Hours?

Quiet hours are from 11pm to 7am.

Can we drink the water?

All of the water from faucets at Camp Navarro is potable. We also provide a water station outside of the café. Please bring refillable water bottles.

Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes. Bicycles are permitted on the dirt roads within the camp. Helmets must be worn and closed toed shoes are recommended. SPEED LIMIT is 10MPH. There is NO RIDING on Masonite Industrial Road, which is a privately owned and active logging road. Please do not ride on the lawns or in parking lots.

Can we bring…?

Drones - No Pets - No Fishing gear – No Camp chairs – Yes! Snacks – Yes! Games - Yes!


Camp Navarro Accommodations

Camp Navarro Accommodations



Cabins will sleep 2-8 people comfortably. All beds have foam mattresses, bedding, and heater. BYO bedding. 


Camp Navarro Adirondack

Adirondack Cabin

The Adirondacks are equipped with one queen bed and three twins. There are groupings of 2-5 Adirondack cabins around the site (see map). Each group is set up to be a small village. No Heaters. BYO Bedding.


Deluxe Teepee Tent

20 deluxe teepees are furnished with 1 queen bed and up to two single mattresses on teepee floor.  No Heaters. BYO Bedding. 

Camp Navarro Tent Camping

Tent Camping

Bring your own tent! Tents are permitted in designated camping grounds and in the Nature Nest area. The Redwood Cathedrals are off limits to tent camping.


-The Map-

Camp Navarro_Sunlight through the Trees_Photo Credit Evan Dudley.jpg